Lisa and her dogs

About Us

My name is Lisa and I am the owner/founder of Hunts Happy Hounds which is an independent, family run business in High Wycombe. Dogs have always been my passion and at the moment I am the proud owner of a beautiful Rottweiler and a cheeky Jack Russell.
Training them is a privilege and gives me great enjoyment. I would like to share the knowledge and experience I have gained, along with the training I have received from organisations such as the IMDT (the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers), to help owners understand their dog's behaviour and needs to get the most from their training. Working with your dog should not be a chore, but a way of bonding, learning together and having fun.

As an IMDT member, my membership is reviewed regularly to ensure my continued development is in line with other professionals.

Qualifications and memberships


I have successfully completed the following training and courses to date:
  • OCN Accreditation, Working with canine behaviour. Analysis & application, Levels 4 & 5
  • OCN / Gateway Qualifications, Principles of Dog Training and Behaviour, level 3
  • 2 day "Career as a dog trainer" course with the IMDT
  • 4 day "Practical instructor" course with the IMDT
  • 6 day "Advanced training and behaviour" course with the IMDT
  • Half day canine first aid with the IMDT
  • "Perfect Puppy Foundations" with the IMDT
  • "Understanding what makes dogs tick" with the ADTB (Academy of Dog Training and Behaviour)
  • "Setting up a successful training class" with the ADTB
  • "Puppy training course" with the ADTB
  • Bronze, silver and gold level instructors courses with the ADTB
  • Recognised Scentwork UK trainer, levels 1-8
  • IMDT agility levels 1, 2, and 3
  • First Class approved instructor for The Agility Club
  • Accredited College of Scent Dogs instructor
  • Accredited Canine Hoopers World instructor/assessor
Ellie the Bordoodle
Heidi & Ellie

The beginner agility classes have been brilliant. Lisa provides clear guidance, building the skills and confidence of both dog and handler. Ellie has always refused to go through tunnels but is now happy to tackle these. Looking forward to extending our skills in further classes, thank you.
Bronny & Rosco

...since you've been helping us with Rosco his recall has improved and he is much happier and more interested in what's going on. He always looks forward to his training.
Ralph the terrier
Jen & Ralph

Thank you for all your help and support with Ralph. We are really enjoying life with a dog and a lot of that is down to our increased confidence as a result of your classes.
Diesel the German Shepherd
Rae & Diesel

...after only 3 training sessions with Lisa the difference in Diesel was remarkable. He's a joy to walk on the lead now whereas before it was a bit of a nightmare. Off lead he's coming back every time even when the bunnies are playing chase! Thank you!
Eric the Schnauser
Derry & Eric

Fabulous - Lisa is clear, supportive, direct and fun with her approach. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone without any doubts.
M T & Poppy

Thank you for all the training help with Poppy. She is now fantastic when taking her for walks off lead, she never runs off.