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Puppy Classes & Training

Booking a puppy onto a training programme in the early stages of its development really does set them off on the right path to becoming a well mannered dog who will be welcomed by friends, family and society in general. Training offers your dog or puppy mentally stimulating and rewarding challenges that he/she will need to possess to progress in life. This course is another important step towards challenging your dog into releasing its hidden potential.

If you are getting a puppy for the first time it can be very overwhelming so we provide 1-2-1 puppy home training (and behaviour) visits to get you started. The visit will be for approximately 1½ hours and will include:
Safety in and around the home Crate training / sleeping arrangements Toilet training Jumping up Biting / mouthing / teething Focus / Response to name Collar and harness training Walking on a lead Puppy's first outing Confidence building Recall
We can also provide on-going support if you need it.

HHH puppy class dates

Next/Current Puppy Classes

Our next set of puppy training class dates are (click/tap the class for more information):

Unfortunately, at the moment we do not have any of these classes running and dates for future classes are not available yet. Please call or email us if you want further details on when we might be adding more of these classes.

All our dog/puppy classes are held outdoors and we rarely cancel a class, come rain or shine, so please dress appropriately!

HHH Course content

We use modern, reward based, methods of training in a fun and friendly atmosphere. Some of the things we will be covering on our puppy courses are:

Eye contact

There will also be time for dogs to socialise and interact in a controlled and safe environment. We will also be able to help with any problems you may have such as mouthing, toilet training or anything else you might be worried about.

HHH pupy class rules
Class Rules

Puppies must have had their second vaccination as other dogs and wildlife have access to the area.

No choke chains or half-check collars please as these can be harmful to your puppy or dog. Standard collars, harnesses and leads only. Flexi-leads / retractable leads are not suitable for training.

Owners will be required to supply poo bags and to clean up after their puppy where necessary.